Audio Visual Production

Keeping You Connected to What Matters..

Our multi-talented technicians and gifted event planners will create an audiovisual experience that will inspire your audience. Transform your events with our expert knowledge and cutting-edge technology. We will be there for you through the planning process and during your event, creating an unforgettable moment.


Who We Are

We are an audio-visual production company that focuses on live, hybrid, and virtual events. We blend a unique use of A/V, IT, and event planning skills to create high-quality events. We supply audio/video equipment, on-site engineers and host live streams for conferences of all sizes. We are women-owned, minority-owned, and in the heart of the DC metropolitan area.  
Our goal and motto are to keep people connected. We want individuals to live their lives safely and be able to connect with each other as things get back to normal. To achieve that, we blend the latest audio/video technologies with experienced engineers to create productions at a high level. These events can also be live-streamed with our state-of-the-art webcasting technologies. 
We are a company that prides itself in doing what we love, bringing people together. We strive to give you an experience that you will never forget. 

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Our Mission

Through a commitment to people and technology, we serve our community in ensuring society stays connected by building relationships with the World's top leading industries and professionals.

Video Conferencing


Where's My Meeting? recently took on a passion project for Black artists from across the US. We put on a Celebrate Black Voices Talent Show which allowed artists to perform on our virtual platform and showcase their talents in front of a large audience this allowed the artists to grow their audience, cross-promote their art, and created a community of life-long relationships. We enjoyed working with all of the artists and looking forward to our next event. Check Celebrate Black Voices Talent Show below.