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What is Where’s My Meeting?

  • We are a Video Production solutions company. We host online services not limited to webinars, virtual conferences, meetings and community events. We provide event planning and equipment rental services.


Where are we located?

  • We are located in Maryland; USA and we currently service the United States.



What kind of services do we offer?

  • Web-Hosting

  • Event Registration

  • Audio and Visual rental equipment

  • Web-Hosting Security

  • Web-Hosting trouble shooting assistance

  • Event Email Management

  • Participant trouble shooting assistance

  • Event Recording

  •  On site Services

  • Branded Content Delivery

  • Event Marketing Assistance

  • Training Sessions



What are the main advantages of using our service?

  • We understand that the world is moving rapidly fast towards a more virtual society, while that is great news. People are finding it very difficult navigating all of the new technology. So, we are here to help guide you through a successful virtual experience. From the beginning to the very last step, we will hold your hand throughout the entire process.



What are your service hours?

  • We are available 24/7

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